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    SKU: WPITCOMSM3 (en)

    WPITCOM Signage Suite 3

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    WPITCOM Signage Suite 3
    The latest in Plug & Play, Solution for Digital Signage

    WPITCOM Display Manager 3 product will be announced in a new version on January 15, 2023

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    Management Perspective:

    TCO cost reduction by WPITCOM Signage Suite 3 (German)

    The total cost of ownership is based on the cost of hardware/software, project management, preparation, implementation, and subsequently the cost of service and support for the entire installation; here critical precautions can be successfully established from phase 1 of project planning, which can have a lasting positive effect on all six phases of the digital signage project cycle. Recognizing and avoiding relevant TCO challenges in 30 Minutes – Our hands-on video and based on 15 years of experience in digital signage projects.

    ITMediaSign 400 and 450 – Single & Dual 4K video content (German)

    The ITMediaSign 400 and 450 are Plug & Play digital signage player for display of single or dual 4K video content on a variety of compatible displays with a resolution of up to 3840 x 2160 (4K) pixels and are based on INTEL® Pentium Gen 10 processors.

    In combination with WPITCOM Signage Suite 3, a completely ready-to-use / Plug & Play signage system is created that leaves desires unfulfilled in terms of quality, durability and efficiency.

    This 5 minute video introduces you to this exciting product…

    Interesting New Product: ITMediaTab 200 (German)

    Sales promotion at the point of sale will continue to be “interactive” and will therefore also promote the sale of products that require explanation or can simply convey the benefits of the products or services.

    The new ITMediaTab200 with its 10.1-inch touch screen, power supply via Ethernet cable and VESA mounting option creates new visions of easy-to-implement interactive product presentation at the point of service/sale.

    This 5 minute video introduces you to this exciting product…

    Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection

    Energy is an expensive and valuable commodity; therefore, the systems we support and recommend must always meet various special tests and well-defined performance criteria for optimum quality and energy efficiency, in order to ensure the operating costs and sustainability of the products in the best possible way.

    WPITCOM Senalizacion Digital