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IFD Store-IT – The complete, cost-effective solution for managing your storage, whether it’s small, large, multi-location or sublet, with pickup, relocation and forklift apps for Android and Windows, including options for RFID truck management and much more: flexible, powerful and consistent – Made in Europe.

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    IFD Store-IT - RFID Truck

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    StoreIT Warehouse Management System Extension “RFID Truck”

    What is the RFID-enabled truck inventory system?

    Truck inventory verification, which is required when drivers change or the truck goes into service, usually takes about an hour. The presence or absence of all items assigned to the truck is established through that control. The process is very important because the lack of a certain document or device can lead to the inability to travel in a particular country or the EU or cause very high fines.

    This process occurs at least once a week, sometimes more often, and causes a huge waste of time and respectively, high costs. Therefore, we developed a solution for the inventory of trucks StorelT-Truck, based on our StorelT warehouse management system. The inventory process is done using RFID tags to mark the truck’s inventory.

    iFD StoreIT Reolcation

    the advantage of RFID technology

    RFID tags are tags or other data carriers that contain a unique number for each truck inventory item, which identifies it in the StorelT database.

    Unlike ffter scanning with a barcode reader, radio-based RFID scanning detects all tags in range of the reader simultaneously. This process only requires one scan with the handheld device around the truck, which only takes one to a couple of minutes.
    During initial inventory, relevant RFID tags are applied to all inventory items. From now on, the tags are used to automatically identify items in the truck’s inventory. Depending on the place of application, different RFID tags are used: paper tags, tags or labels for metal surfaces, tire tags, etc.

    Other useful features of the solution

    With the integrated camera of the handheld terminal, damage or irregularities in the truck can be documented and the images are automatically uploaded to the StoreIT electronic file, attached to the corresponding inventory document and sent to the responsible persons by email.

    For each truck in the fleet, as well as for equipment items such as fire extinguishers, insurance, certificates, etc., events with an expiration date can be created. When the expiration date is reached, the responsible persons are automatically notified. During truck inventory, events that have reached their due date are also displayed in a notification.

    The system can be integrated with ERP and telematics systems, allowing you to automatically record mileage, consumption and amount of fuel.

    What do you need to get started with StorelT-Truck?

    For the implementation of this solution, you need:

    1. To guarantee the hardware:
    1.1 Provide a server: A Linux-based virtual machine with 4 processor cores, 8 GB of RAM, and 500 GB of disk space is sufficient for the database and application server.
    1.2 Acquire mobile terminals with RFID readers.
    1.3 Purchase an RFID tag printer.
    1.4 Purchase RFID tags and tags to mark truck inventory items.
    1.5 Optionally purchase RFID tags for truck tires, some tires are manufactured with a built-in tag, which only needs to be registered with the handheld terminal.

    2. Purchase and install the software solution:
    2.1. Software license.
    2.2. Project specification, implementation and training.
    2.3. System support.

    Just add StoreIT-Truck

    Since StorelT-Truck is based on our proven StorelT WMS product, it can be upgraded to a full StorelT WMS license, allowing you to manage your warehouse as well.

    Guaranteed compatibility

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    For more detailed information, download our product presentation in Adobe PDF format.

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